Kids Play Board


Kids Play Boards are rocking/balance boards for children. They are excellent toys for both physical and imaginative development!


Kids can have hours of fun rocking and rolling on the Noble Woodcraft Wobble board!  The further apart you set your feet the more you rock so the experience grows as your child does.


These curved boards are also used in a number of other imaginative ways. They serve well as ramps, bridges and tunnels for both children and toy cars alike. They’re great as walls for a fort or as a rocking bed for child or teddy bear.


The Noble Woodcraft Kids Play board is made by laminating a number of sheets of timber plywood onto a specially constructed mold using premium, extra strong (and non-toxic) wood glue to create the shape. They are oiled to finish to bring out the natural luster and grain of the hardwood veneer.


Designed for indoor use only. As all Play Boards are entirely hand made the dimensions  may vary slightly from board to board and each will have a unique grain pattern.


Shipping Costs:

Canterbury: $10
Other South Island: $20
North Island: $25



Additional information

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 850 × 290 × 190 mm