Maple Chopping Block


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These boards are made from Sugar Maple, the same tree that gives us maple syrup. This timber is hard, tight grained and close pored making it the ideal timber for a kitchen surface.

They are detailed with a bevel around the circumference and finished with Noble Woodcrafts own Beeswax butter.


This board is a hefty three and half kilograms and at 40cm long has ample work space.


This end grain board can be supplied with our silicon non-slip feet at no additional cost. If you would like feet included please just notify us in the shipping notes when ordering!


Why choose a Noble Woodcraft cutting block?

Entirely end-grain. This means your knife will hold an edge for a long time.

Hardwoods. All premium boards are made of beautiful hardwoods giving them weight and stability as well as durability.

Silicon feet. Can be included at no additional cost. Great grip on all bench surfaces meaning your cutting board won’t meove a millimeter while you cut.

Beeswax Butter. They are finished with Noble Woodcrafts own Beeswax butter. This gives the board a long lasting, and superior moisture blocking finish, as well as making the colours pop!

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Dimensions: 400mm x 270mm x 45mm

Please note, as each board is individually hand made the dimensions may vary by a couple of millimeters from board to board.

Additional information

Weight 3.4 kg
Dimensions 400 × 270 × 45 mm

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