Kids Kitchen Helper


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Take the stress out of cooking with children and watch their minds grow as they work alongside you in the safe and convenient Kitchen Helper!


The kids Kitchen Helper is a safe and easy way for your children to be able to work along side you at the bench. The Kitchen Helper can be configured to safely contain toddlers and preschoolers, while easy reconfiguration allows it to operate more as a step stool for older children.


It is super easy to use, light weight but very stable, and built well completely from solid timber and proper joinery so you know it will last. Best of all, it is made completely by hand in my workshop right here in New Zealand. By buying the Kitchen Helper you are buying local and you are buying well made!


Shipping rates are as follows:
Canterbury: $10
The rest of the South Island: $25
North Island: $35

or free collection from Northern Christchurch


What makes a Noble Woodcraft Kitchen Helper the best option? They are…

  • Hand made. Each individual stool is hand made from start to finish in my personal workshop. I even turn and thread the dowel rods myself.
  • Made from real timber. Most other kitchen stools or towers are made from plywood or other manufactured materials.
  • Built with traditional, strong joinery techniques. There are absolutely zero nails or screws used in Noble Woodcrafts kitchen helper, they are constructed using traditional joins such as half laps, mortise and tenon or timber threads. This makes the end product much stronger.
  • Adjustable. They can be easily adjusted to fit in with your childs age and development.
  • Good looking. Because they are made from real wood the wood grain is visible through out. The gentle curves and evenly spaced rails make them asthetically balanced.
  • Stable. The base of the stool is 40cm deep and 40cm wide. This makes for a good, large foot print for the stool. The back legs slope gently in towards the bench as well for increased stability.
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Kitchen Helper total height: 80cm

Platform height: 40cm

Foot print: 40cm x 40cm


Additional information

Dimensions 400 × 400 × 800 mm